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French Truffle

Soft, fluffly, light chocolate center dipped in milk chocolate with an elegant dark chocolate swirl on top. Also available in Dark Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Truffle

A rich, creamy dark chocolate center covered in milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Truffle

Creamy milk chocolate center covered in dark chocolate with an elegant crown on top.

Assorted Truffles

Deluxe assortment of our finest milk and dark chocolate truffles. Truffle assortment may vary.

Milk Chocolate Coffee Caramel Truffle

Soft caramel center with a hint of coffee flavor.

Milk Chocolate Creme Brule Truffle

Rich, caramel flavored center.

Undipped Meltaway

Our delicious chocolate that has been tempered longer to give it that melt in your mouth taste (milk, dark or white chocolate).

Dipped Meltaway

Our undipped meltaway with another layer of creamy milk or dark chocolate on top.

Peanut Butter Smidget

A creamy, smooth peanut butter covered in milk chocolate.

Cherry Cheesecake Truffle

5 oz. A smooth cherry cheesecake center covered in milk chocolate.

Price: $6.69
Dark Chocolate Fudge Smoothie

5 oz. A rich, gooey dark chocolate fudge center.

Price: $6.69
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

5 oz. A raspberry flavored center covered in rich dark chocolate.

Price: $6.69
Espresso Truffle

5 oz. A smooth milk chocolate center with a hint of espresso flavor.

Price: $6.69
Fudge Meltaway

5 oz. A smooth fudge center.

Price: $6.69
Milk Chocolate Cream Cheese Graham

5 oz. A graham cracker topped with smooth cream cheese, covered in milk chocolate.

Price: $6.69
Swiss Mocha

5 oz. A creamy dark chocolate center with a hint of mocha flavor.

Price: $6.69