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"About this time of year, I get calls from my friends, reminding me how much they love those chocolates. My friends starting reminding me about this time every year that they LOVED those chocolate turtles from the candy store in the midwest!!! Having grown up in Henderson, I have been indulging in Lib’s candies for decades!! Wherever I moved, my parents would ship me a box of turtles for the holidays….and then I started giving boxes of them for holiday gifts. One year, I did not get them, and there was a near uprising, so I am back to shipping them in once again. The chocolates are of fine quality…but the turtles are nothing short of divine!!"

Elitha, November 21, 2009‎ Evansville, IN

"I grew up eating Libs Candies also, and I now live out of town, but make the trip back to Stephen Libs when I do come to Evansville. They have the best chocolate in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan."
Ai H, February 2008

"The best chocolate I have ever tasted! Yummy! ya gotta try it!"
Tammy Greenwell, Phoenix, AZ October 2010

"These candies are delicious. My favorites are the maple creams. Personally I prefer the dark chocolate, but my mom likes the milk. If you’ve never had Libs candies, you’re missing out on an a great Evansville tradition, and these are just like I remember from when I was a kid. We gave them to out-of-towners who came for my wedding and they were a big hit."
Sara C, Mason City, IL September 2005

"Delicious Candy – nice store – great service: I think Stephen Libs has delicious candy and I couldn’t tell any difference except they don’t make fudge. The other Libs was delicious too; but I would always shop at Stephen Libs…"
From Yahoo Local: Aggierose, Evansville, IN, November 2006

"Customer: Our family grew up on Libs Candies. They have got the best chocolates! We have since moved from Evansville, but, I always make a trip back to buy candies for Easter, Christmas and other special occasions!"
Maggie Mae, Henderson, KY July 2004