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Milk Chocolate Standing Bunnies Milk Chocolate Standing Bunnies

12 oz. Our delicious milk chocolate covered in festive foil.

Price: $11.29
Milk Chocolate Sitting Bunnies Milk Chocolate Sitting Bunnies

12 oz. Our delicious milk chocolates covered in festive foil.

Price: $11.29
Chocolate Foil Eggs Chocolate Foil Eggs

12 oz. Our rich milk or dark chocolate covered in festive foils.

Price: $11.29
Milk Chocolate Foil Chicks Milk Chocolate Foil Chicks

12 oz. Our delicious milk chocolate covered in festive foil.

Price: $11.29
Easter Decorated Meltaways Easter Decorated Meltaways

Our creamy milk chocolate Meltaways topped with a festive sugary decoration.

Easter Smidgets Easter Smidgets

Our milk chocolate with a center of creamy, smooth peanut butter.

Easter Decorated Oreos Easter Decorated Oreos

1 oz. An Oreo cookie dipped in our creamy milk chocolate with a sugary decoration. (Decorations may vary from photo)

Price: $1.79
Dreamsicle Bunnies Dreamsicle Bunnies

Smooth, creamy vanilla center covered in an orange flavored coating.

Price: $7.79
Easter Pretzels Easter Pretzels

Yogurt pretzels with crunchy confetti sprinkles.

Old Fashioned Jelly Beans Old Fashioned Jelly Beans

Everyone's favorite jelly bean flavors.

Licorice Jelly Beans Licorice Jelly Beans

Licorice flavored jelly beans.

Pectin Jelly Beans Pectin Jelly Beans

6 oz. Fruit flavored jelly beans

Price: $3.29
Sanded Marshmallow Bunnies Sanded Marshmallow Bunnies

4 oz. Fruit in the front, marshmallow in the back. These bright little bunnies are a sweet and tangy delight that will keep your taste buds hopping

Price: $2.29
Bunny Corn Bunny Corn

6 oz. Soft mellocreme candy cornin spring colors. Great for baskets

Price: $2.99
Speckled Malt Balls Speckled Malt Balls

4 oz. Colorful malt balls with crispy shells. Classic candy, great for Easter baskets!

Price: $3.49
Easter Jelly Bean Jewels Easter Jelly Bean Jewels

6 oz. Berry Blue, Bubble Gum, Grape, Orange, Sour Apple, Ginger Ale, Cherry, Blueberry and Cream Soda

Price: $3.59
Speckled Eggs (Similar to Runts) Speckled Eggs (Similar to Runts)

6 oz. Crunchy, fruit flavored candy similar to Runts.

Price: $1.99
Lucky Duckies Lucky Duckies

6 oz. A crunchy, fruit flavored candy

Price: $1.99
Gummi Bunnies Gummi Bunnies

8 oz. Flavors: Lemon, orange, pineapple, strawberry, green apple & grape.

Price: $2.29
Sanded Gummi Bunnies Sanded Gummi Bunnies

8 oz. Flavors: Pineapple, orange, green apple, strawberry, lemon & grape.

Price: $2.29
Caramel Robin Eggs Caramel Robin Eggs

4 oz. Caramel eggs dipped in dark chocolate, then covered in a crisp candy shell.

Price: $3.29
Easter Jordan Almonds Easter Jordan Almonds

6 oz. Candy coated Almonds in assorted colors.

Price: $3.99
Easter Chocolate Jordan Almonds Easter Chocolate Jordan Almonds

4 oz. Plump almonds drenched in rich milk chocolate and covered in a crunchy
sweet shell.

Price: $3.39
Bing Cherries Bing Cherries

8 oz. Tender, dried cherries drenched in milk chocolate with a red pastel coating.

Price: $7.99
Jelly Eggs Jelly Eggs

8 oz. Fruit flavored jellies with a sugar coating

Price: $2.29
Sour Jelly Eggs Sour Jelly Eggs

8 oz. Fruit flavored jellies with a sour coating

Price: $2.29
Sanded Fruit Flavored Gummi Eggs Sanded Fruit Flavored Gummi Eggs

8 oz. Delicious, sugary fruit flavored gummies.

Price: $2.29
Fruit Flavored Gummi Eggs Fruit Flavored Gummi Eggs

8 oz. Delicious fruit flavored gummies in vibrant colors.

Price: $2.29
Easter Creamy Maltballs Easter Creamy Maltballs

11 oz. A crunchy malt center drenched in milk chocolate with a creamy coating.

Price: $7.99
Bunny Sucker Bunny Sucker

1 oz. Our delicious milk, dark or white chocolate in the shape of a bunny head.

Price: $1.99